“Nothing fancy here! Just a girl with a love for dogs. A dream chaser. My word is my bond, I’m loyal to the core and my faith will always be my rock. Any other night owls that talk to themselves while watching criminal minds and eating hot Cheetos ? Lol ? I can’t be the only one.

A Little about me. I wanted to be a K-9 officer as a kid. I sometimes talk in circles to myself and I can’t stand chewing noises. I’m terrified of mice and rats. I am fluent in Spanish. My favorite show is Criminal minds. I have a degree in business management. I truly love giant breeds. Bruno, the Dane.. holds a special place in my heart. I am a total night owl. Coffee is necessary and even more so during a loud morning. Diet Dr. Pepper and HOT Cheetos are my go-to. My best friend is my mom. Dad is my biggest cheerleader. I call Houston Texas home. A daily quote is a daily dose of goodness. You will see lots of them around my website and my social media”.

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Divine Pups
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