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ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) is exposure to neurological stimulation, early on, in a puppies life. The training program ENS actually came from a military developed “bio-sensor” program. It was studied and popularized by Dr. Carmen Battaglia. It was called the “Super Puppy Program”. Puppies are actually born in a state of helplessness, any species born without sight, hearing, or being able to maintain their own body temperature is called an “altricial” species. Puppies can only crawl a short distance to get closer to mum for heat. This helpless stage last’s until the puppy is about 2 weeks old. Only “precocial” species are born with hearing, sight, and are able to maintain their own body heat and even run shortly after birth. An example of a precocial species would be a horse.

The importance of ENS

In this stage of helplessness between birth and 2 weeks that ENS is so critical for development

The stimulation is done stimulate the nervous systems of the puppies during that specific period of helplessness. The stimulation actually causes “Eustress”, which is defined as a good stress that allows the puppy to strengthen during activity. Distress is a bad stress that is too overwhelming for the puppy , an example of Distress would be exercise that lasts to long to allow for any benefit and strengthening. The key is providing just the right amount of stress during the first 2 weeks to stimulate the nervous system and early development. It could be compared to a gym workout for the puppies nervous system.

Some techniques we start with at 3 days old are tickling the bottom of their paws, and between the toes. Holding each puppy tail down head up, and head up tail down, holding each position for 2-5 seconds. Enough to stimulate and not stress.

We have all seen or heard of puppies and dogs that are timid, scared of everything, or are aggressive. ENS helps prevent these type of behavioral issues. Allowing each puppy that receives ENS build meaningful and fulfilling relationships with their humans.

The benefits of ENS – The benefits of ENS last a lifetime, not just the early years.

Stronger Heart Beats

– Improved Cardiovascular Function & Performance

– Improved Stress Tolerance

– Increases Resistance to Disease

ENS helps prepare puppies for their socialization period. when the learn how to interact with and trust humans, other dogs, and other animals.

ENS is critical to preparing your puppies to meet and conquer their world.

Our puppies are sent out prepared to be successful in their new home because we start working from day 1. Every day with us here matters, and we will implement any proven method to give our puppies the best start in life.

Some people have said that good genetics will produce puppies with proper behavior and health. Genetics can be thought of a set of “recipes” for everything that creates the dog. Epigenetics are how and when those recipes are used. While the recipe book may be fixed and unchangeable, the when and how you use them is not. You can also think of genetics and epigenetics as a sheet of music. The notes never change, but how each individual plays them can be changed. ENS is a tool we use to ensure no matter the Genetics, we empower every puppy to optimize how they employ their genetic responses to stimuli.

This is proven in a study done by Fox and Stelzner in 1966. Please visit the link to view the published medical study.

The importance of ESI

Early Scent Introduction (ESI) is not just a training program; it’s a transformative experience that harnesses the incredible potential of your puppy’s sense of smell. This carefully designed journey enhances their ability to detect and respond to specific scents, paving the way for a lifetime of extraordinary skills and connections

ESI involves introducing your puppy to a variety of strong scents for brief intervals. Each day, a new scent is presented, and your pup’s reactions are observed and noted. Positive reactions occur when your puppy shows interest and moves towards the scent. Negative reactions are recorded if they try to distance themselves from the scent, while neutral reactions indicate a lack of strong response

Dr. Gayle Watkins, an expert in breeding sporting Golden Retrievers, embarked on a journey over seven years ago to explore the effectiveness of ESI. The results were astounding. Puppies that received ESI training demonstrated enhanced scenting abilities, leading to more scenting titles. These skills often translated to practical benefits, such as improved companionship, service, and therapy abilities.

Dogs experience the world primarily through their noses, relying on their acute sense of smell to understand their surroundings. Their olfactory system is 40 times larger than that of humans, and their ability to process scent data reflects their high intellect.

Here at Divine Pups we are raising our puppies with an advanced service dog curriculum.

This Curriculum helps us raise our puppies to serve the purpose of Mending Hearts and Bulding Families.


• At birth we are with Mom and her babies day and night giving 24/7 support

• Daily weight checks to ensure proper growth

• ESI (Early Scent Introduction) Starting on Day 3

• ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) Starting On Day 3

curriculum at 3rd week

• Variety of  Noise Exposure

• Handling Exercises

• Potty Training Introduction

• Weekly weight checks to ensure proper growth

• Nail clipping Experience introduced


• Loud Noise Exposure

• Handling Experience based learning

• Potty Training Introduction

• Daily weight checks to ensure proper growth

• ESI (Early Scent Introduction) Continued up to day 16

• ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) Continued up to day 16

curriculum at 4th week +

The core curriculum is continued with:

• Exposure to different noises, handling experiences and exercises

• Tracking and recording each puppies reaction to stress experience and startle recovery during these exposure activities

• Exposure activities include supervised playtime with stuffed toys, plastic balls, bubble wrap, water bottles, riding in the car, brain games, cage exposure, kids plastic slides, kennel exposure

We do all this curriculum to ensure that each puppy is increasing nerve strength, high confidence levels, and low fear levels.

This is how we mend hearts and build families, by raising puppies with a higher standard of training. So that each and every puppy is empowered to reach their full potential. Our goal is to empower puppies and ensure we are enhancing nerve strength, confidence, high approach instinct, and low fear of people and other animals, so that each puppy is equipped to succeed in a service working placement or a companion home. No matter the calling of each soul, a Divine Pup is prepared to meet and exceed expectation.


The core of my breeding program is our puppy matching system. This approach has been what has allowed many of our past puppies to not only become service dogs, therapy dogs and facility dogs. By matching my puppies with the right family we set everyone up for success. 

So if you are looking for a working placement, or a perfect companion to fit your lifestyle then you are in the right place.

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