What Is Your Dog’s Drive?


When you think about DRIVE what comes to mind?


Per definition, “A drive is an instinctual need that has the power of driving the behavior of an individual”

Dogs have different types of drives that can help us better understand who they are, and how to meet their individual needs.

-Social Drive

-Food Drive

-Prey Drive

-Play Drive

……..let’s talk about SOCIAL DRIVE.

Dogs are known for their social drive, which is why they make such great companions. But not all dogs have the same level of social drive. Some dogs are highly social, some are neutral, and some are even antisocial. Understanding the differences between these types of dogs can help you choose the right companion for your lifestyle.

Highly Social

Highly social dogs are those that love to be around people and other animals. They are often very friendly and outgoing, and they enjoy being part of a pack. These dogs are often very active and need plenty of exercise and stimulation. They are also very loyal and affectionate, and they thrive in a home with plenty of companionship.

Neutral Social Dogs

Neutral social dogs are those that are content to be around people and other animals, but they don’t necessarily seek out interaction. They are often content to just hang out and observe their surroundings. These dogs are usually more independent and don’t need as much attention as highly social dogs.

Antisocial Dogs

Antisocial dogs are those that are uncomfortable around people and other animals. They may be fearful or aggressive, and they may not enjoy being around other dogs or people. These dogs often need extra patience and understanding, and they may need to be trained to become more comfortable in social situations.

The BAB 12 trait temperament evaluation that we do on our puppies, includes a Human Focus trait score as well as a Dog Friendliness score. Both of these scores will allow me to understand where the puppy’s social drive is and what lifestyle is best for them according to their score.

No matter what type of dog you choose, it’s important to remember that all dogs need love and attention. With the right amount of care and training, any dog can become a great companion.

Can you guess your pup’s social drive?

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