​Welcome to the beginning of your adventure​

Frequently asked questions

Buying a puppy can be an overwhelming experience. We want to make it as easy and enjoyable
as possible. Here are some questions that may come into mind as you go through the process of 
selecting your new fur baby
  1. What food is the puppy currently on?
    All of our babies are on ROYAL CANIN MINI PUPPY/CHIOT. You can purchase it online or at Petco and PetSmart. They will not have this at other stores.
  2. How often should I bathe my puppy?
    Our puppies get weekly baths while they are with us. You can continue bathing every 1-2 weeks until the puppy gets older. We recommend waterless spray shampoo for in between baths and cleaning wipes.
  3. How many shots will my puppy have?
    Our puppies will have received minimum 2-3 vaccinations before leaving to their new home. They will also be on heartworm preventive and have received their bordatella vaccination.
  1. Can I let my puppy play outside right away?
    NO. NO. NO. Until your puppy has had its full immunity through the series of vaccinations, it is NOT protected against all diseases. DO NOT LET YOUR PUPPY GO TO: PUBLIC DOG PARKS, REST STOPS/DOG WALK AREAS, PET STORES, GROOMERS.
  2. Can I let my puppy roam free in the house?
    NO. Your puppy is like a newborn baby. They are curious and will want to eat or lick everything. There are many objects and foods that will cause them a lot of harm and can poison them or kill them. Please always keep them confined to a safe place or be 100% with them. Accidents happen in a second.
  3. Do you guarantee your charting weight?
    No. We can only give you an estimate based on the puppies weight at 8 weeks, parents weight, and daily growth. However, many factors play into the full grown weight of a puppy. We can only give you what we can estimate.
  1. AKC Registered Puppies (Are they important?)
    The truth is this: AKC will register any puppy whose parents are registered. The AKC registered those parents because their parents were registered and so on. AKC registration is a mechanical process. A chain of numbers.
  2. What about a pedigree? Doesn't a pedigree mean good quality?
    No . You send the AKC money and your litter is registered, if the puppy's parents and grandparents kept the chain intact by sending money the AKC will add your puppy to the chain, sending you a piece of paper with a number on it. Send the money and the AKC will spit out the names of the line of payees.
  3. Doesn't it mean AKC meant good quality?
    Registration papers and pedigrees don't tell you ANYTHING about a dog, other than its place in the chain of names. To get registration papers with AKC a dog doesn't need to meet any qualifications of health, temperament, behavior, or structure.
  1. Do registration papers guarantee that a dog is purebred, right?
    THE AKC REGISTERS DOGS WITH NO HEALTH OR SAFETY CHECKS AT ALL. Inheriting the genes for his breed is what makes a dog purebred. Registration papers is something different. A dog can have papers, yet still not be purebred.
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