Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment are accepted?

  We only accept cash, Paypal , and Zelle as forms of payment.
PayPal charges 3.6% per transaction for buyer protection. Financing is available through PayPal Credit. We do not accept checks.


Where are you located, what if i’m not local?

  We are located in South Houston, Tx. There are different options available to you if you are not local. We can meet you at the airport and deliver your puppy for an additional fee. We also offer shipping through a flight pet nanny program or our nanny can drive to meet you.

What paperwork will I receive with my puppy?

  You will receive a written 2 year health guarantee that will cover
against any health or congenital defects. All puppies will have 30 Days Trupanion Health Insurance.
Temperament Test Results. Health record. Spay and Neuter Contract, Vet Wellness Record

What if I have questions after I take my puppy home?

  We are always here for our Divine Pup Family. I encourage for you to text or call me first when something unusual is going on or if you have even what you may think is a silly question. If we can
help in any way in the process we will. 

How can I put a puppy on hold?

You can learn how to reserve a puppy HERE

How do I meet the puppies?

  We ask that you contact us to make an appointment for a meet up. We will send you videos and photos at no additional fee for the puppies that you are interested in.
Because my program is built around temperament evaluations and proper placement, we ask that you wait until evaluations are completed and you know which puppy (ies) are a match.
Once you have narrowed it down to your favorites, we can schedule a meet up appointment.

What is the price of the puppies?

Every puppy is priced by the time they are 7 weeks. The starting price is $3250 and the average is $4250 . If you are looking for a cheap puppy you won’t find it here. I have quality dogs and put a lot of time, care and money into them.

Will my Shih Tzu puppy be potty trained?

  Your new Shih Tzu puppy will be trained to wee wee pads. They do not go outside while they are here for pottie, for their protection until they have full immunity. Once you have your puppy you may transition to the training of your choice, but do not take them outside until fully vaccinated.

Do you take deposits on upcoming Shih Tzu litters?

  Yes. We do have a waitlist option for upcoming litters. However, we will not hold a specific puppy until after temperament evaluations are completed and you are matched with your puppy. 

Should I buy a crate?

Our Shih Tzu puppies are used to an IRIS playpen. This is a wonderful option and provides for easy transition. We also crate train them
if you decide to crate them.

How often should we feed our puppy?

 Once the puppy has gotten to your home and has completely adjusted, you can feed 2-3 times per day. 

What food is the puppy currently on?

All of our babies are on NATURES LOGIC PORK, pawTree Fish and pawTree Freeze Dried Raw

Can I let my Shih Tzu Puppy play outside right away?

NO. NO. NO. Until your puppy has had its full immunity through the series of vaccinations, it is NOT protected against all diseases.

How often should we bathe our shih tzu puppy?

Our puppies get weekly baths while they are with us. You can continue bathing every 1-2 weeks until the puppy gets older. We recommend waterless spray shampoo for in between baths and cleaning wipes.

Can I let my new puppy freely roam the house?

NO. Your puppy is like a newborn baby. They are curious and will want to eat or lick everything. There are many objects and foods that will cause them a lot of harm and can poison them or kill them. Please always keep them confined to a safe place or be 100% with them. Accidents happen in a second.

How many shots will my SHih Tzu puppy have?

Our puppies will have received minimum 3 vaccinations before leaving to their new home. They will also be on heartworm preventive and have received their bordatella vaccination.

Do you guarantee your charting weight?

No. We can only give you an estimate based on the puppies weight at 8 weeks, parents weight, and daily growth. However, many factors play into the full grown weight of a puppy. We can only give you what we can estimate.

Do you offer breeding rights?

No.  Pet homes only with a spay/neuter contract. All pets must be spayed/neutered by 10 months of age.
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