Grooming Fears

Grooming is an important part of caring for your dog and can be a daunting task for some owners. Fears of the grooming process can be seen in dogs, including fear of the clippers or fear of the water and blow dryer. It is important to identify and address these fears to ensure your dog’s wellbeing.

What do dog’s fear?

Fear of the clippers may be caused by a variety of factors, such as a fear of loud noises or a fear of the metal blades. To help your dog become more comfortable with the clippers, try to desensitize them by introducing them to the clippers in a safe environment. Start by letting your dog smell the clippers, then allow them to touch the clippers with their nose. If your dog is comfortable with that, let them lick the clippers. After that, you can try to turn the clippers on, and if your dog is still not showing stress signals, let them sit next to you while you use the clippers.

Fear of the water can also be an issue when it comes to grooming. To help your pup become more comfortable with the water, start by introducing them to the water gradually. Start by letting your dog smell and touch the water. Allow them to get used to the feeling of the water on their fur, then start to gently pour the water over them.

Fear of the blow dryer is one of the most common fears! These steps will help your new puppy to not be afraid or your older dog who is experiencing current fears.

1.The first step is to desensitize your pup to the sound of the blow dryer. Start by playing the sound of the blow dryer at a low volume. You can use a recording or the actual blow dryer. If your pup shows signs of anxiety, such as cowering or excessive barking, then turn the volume down even more.

2.Once your pup is comfortable with the low volume, you can slowly increase the volume in small increments. Be sure to reward your pup with treats to reinforce the positive behavior.

3.Next, you can gradually move closer to the blow dryer with your pup. Start with the blow dryer several feet away and then slowly move closer. Again, be sure to reward your pup with treats for positive behavior.

4.Finally, you can introduce the actual blow dryer. Start by turning it on and off without using it. Reward your pup for staying calm and relaxed. Then, you can start using the blow dryer on your pup’s coat. Start with the blow dryer several inches away from your pup and then slowly move closer.

So what do you do when you know your dog is terrified of the groomer?

Dogs are naturally scared of many things and the groomer is one of them. It’s important to be patient and understanding with your pup, as this fear can’t be overcome overnight. Here are some tips on how to help your furry friend get comfortable with their groomer:

  1. Make sure the groomer is a good fit. Look for a groomer who’s patient, understanding, and has a good reputation. (Look for a free fear certified groomer)
  2. Create a positive experience. Take your pup to the groomer’s office for a meet and greet before their appointment. Let them wander around, get familiar with the environment, and get used to the smells.
  3. Ask the groomer to use calming techniques. Have the groomer use treats and a quiet, soothing voice when working with your pup.
  4. Desensitize your pup to the grooming process. Let the groomer brush your pup before the actual grooming begins. This will help your pup get used to the sensation of being touched.
  5. Start the desensitizing work at home and start with short grooming appointments. Their first appointment could be just a bath and nail trim. l

What are Fear Free Certified Groomers?

Fear Free Certified Professionals are professionals in the pet care industry who have been trained to provide a stress-free experience for pets.

They are committed to providing the highest level of care and comfort for pets, while also ensuring the safety of both the pet and the professional.

Fear Free Certified Professionals use a variety of techniques to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in pets, including positive reinforcement, environmental enrichment, and calming techniques.

When you hire a Fear Free Certified Groomer you can rest assured that your dog will receive the best possible care and comfort, while also being kept safe.

Fear Free Certified Professionals are also beneficial for the pet care industry as a whole. By providing a higher standard of care, Fear Free Certified Professionals can help to reduce the number of pet-related injuries and illnesses, as well as improve the overall quality of life for pets.

There are ways to help your fearful dog. Living in a “HOPE” state of mind, where you hope the fear will self resolve is a mistake. Your fur baby deserves that you help him work out their fears and if you don’t have the time or you have tried and nothing works…then it is time to reach out to a trainer for help. Do not allow for your dog to endure living in a fearful state of mind, that is not a way to live.

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