This is great information about how to protect your puppy from getting parvo. Dogs can catch Parvo whenever they come into direct contact with the virus, not just an infected dog.

How do dogs get parvo?

  An unprotected dog can get parvo by coming into contact with the actual virus. The virus can be on another dog, on a person’s shoe, on a piece of bedding, in the soil, on a rug or floor… the possibilities are endless.

Can my dog catch parvo if they are never around other dogs?

  Yes, dogs do not have to come into contact with each other to spread parvo, they just have to come into contact with the virus. The virus could be anywhere where dogs have been and the virus could be carried to a dog by a person or other objects.

Does parvo only get spread when dogs meet each other?

  No, parvo spreads when unprotected dogs meet the virus. This can be dog to dog, but it’s even more likely to spread when the infected dog is nowhere in sight. The virus lives in the grass, soil, puddles, mud, snow, leaves, sidewalks, etc… Humans can bring the virus home and the virus could be living at dog parks, people’s parks, rest areas, dog washes, kennels, private yards, beaches, hiking trails, .. there is no end to where the parvovirus can live and wait.

Can vaccinated dogs carry parvo?

  The act of vaccinating your dog does not make him a carrier of parvo. However, any dog or object that comes into contact with the shedding virus can be carrying parvo. For example, a vaccinated dog does not catch parvo, but an unprotected dog could lick this dog’s contaminated paws and catch parvo.


I hope this helps you keep your dogs safe from parvo. Understanding how it spreads is a great start to reducing the risk of parvo. Thanks, until next time.  Ara

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