Dogs, just like humans, have their own personalities and preferences. They deserve to be treated with respect and given choices to make their own decisions. Here are some tips on how to prevent dog-related injuries.

  1. Give Dogs Choices

Giving dogs choices is a crucial step in preventing dog-related injuries. Dogs have different personalities and temperaments, just like humans. It is essential to respect their boundaries and give them the option to choose what they are comfortable with. Here are some examples:

  • Increase space between you and a dog if she is fearful.
  • Let a dog decide if she is willing to participate during a training session. Using favorite treats is a great way to persuade a dog to participate.
  • Allow a dog to approach you before greeting, touching, or petting.
  • If a dog chooses not to approach a person or another dog, accept her choice. This means it is never okay to force a dog to meet a person or another dog.

By giving dogs choices, we can create a safe and comfortable environment for both humans and dogs.

  1. Never Forcefully Remove Food or a Toy from a Dog’s Mouth

Many dog owners make the mistake of forcefully removing food or toys from their dog’s mouth. This can result in the dog feeling threatened and reacting aggressively. Instead, play the Two-Toy Game, which is a great way to prevent resource guarding. The game involves having two identical toys and allowing the dog to play with one while you hold the other. When the dog drops the first toy, throw the other one, and repeat the process. This allows the dog to feel like they are in control of the situation and helps prevent any aggressive behavior.

  1. Move Slowly and Thoughtfully when Interacting with Dogs and Puppies

Dogs and puppies can be easily startled or frightened, especially when they are meeting new people. It is important to approach them slowly and thoughtfully. Avoid making sudden movements, loud noises, or aggressive behavior. This can cause the dog to react negatively and potentially result in injury.

In conclusion, preventing dog-related injuries is crucial for the safety of both humans and dogs. By giving dogs choices, never forcefully removing food or toys from their mouth, and moving slowly and thoughtfully when interacting with dogs and puppies, we can create a safe and comfortable environment for all. Remember, dogs are our loyal companions, and it is our responsibility to treat them with respect and love.

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Ara Hughey
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