Puppy Raiser Contract

Thank you for making the commitment to raise a Divine Pup. Behind every Divine Pup in this program is a caring puppy raiser like you who gives their love, time, and resources so that a puppy can through their purpose mend a heart or build a family. It will not be easy when the pup leaves you after a few weeks or months, but your sadness will be ofset by the joy of helping others.

Preparing a valuble pup to become a potential service, facility, therapy, ESA or family pet is an important responsibility- one that we know you have given serious consideration. Divine Pups stands ready to assist you every step of the way. If a situation arises, such as a change of employment, a move, or the pup is proving not to be a good match for your household, I will move the pup to accommodate your needs as well as those of the puppy.

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