Puppy Raisers

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Puppy raisers are responsible for teaching our puppies good manners and providing socialization experiences while the puppy is in their homes.

*Divine Pups families will be given preference.

*Puppy raisers must live in the Houston area.
Puppy raisers need to be purpose-driven, attentive learners, adaptable in different situations, and know that their effort and hard work will contribute to the puppy’s potential. If you are interested in being part of mending hearts and building families through the purpose of a Divine Pup please call me 713.427.2818 and we will discuss the next steps.

To the puppy buyer: Not all of our puppies are part of this program. Only those puppies who are 15+ weeks and are selected to have additional training and socialization experiences . All puppy raisers are vetted and I (Ara) do routine check ins with our families to evaluate progress. This is a unique program in which new puppy buyers will have the opportunity to purchase a starter trained puppy. 

Please read through everything , contact us with any questions by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

All puppy raiser applicants must fill out the puppy application.

After you have been approved into the puppy raiser program you can fill out and sign the Puppy Raiser Contract.

 Answering “yes” to most or all of the items on this checklist will help you know whether you are ready.

You must be at least 18 years old to raise a puppy on your own. Older teens often take on the responsibility of raising a puppy as long as a parent or guardian agrees to share the responsibility. An adult over 18 becomes the primary raiser and the older teen becomes the co-raiser.

1.Are you (or your co-raiser) over 18 years old?

✔ Yes, I am over 18 (or my parent/guardian is prepared to raise a puppy with me).

2.divine pups covers the puppy’s veterinary care expenses; however, our generous puppy raisers support our mission by providing quality food, collar, leash, crate, and approved toys.

✔ Yes, I can financially take care of a puppy.

3.If you have other pets, we like that our puppies have the opportunity to play and bond with other pets. However, safety is our highest concern.

 (For those with other pets) Yes, I am confident that my pets do not have aggression issues or a history of guarding food or toys.

4.If you have other dogs at home that are intact (not spayed or neutered), then you can still raise one of our puppies as long as it is the same sex as your intact dog. We also ask that your intact dog be tested by your veterinarian for a bacterial infection called Brucellosis, which can be passed along to a puppy.

 (For those with an un-spayed or -neutered dog) Yes, I agree to have my dog tested for Brucellosis and understand that I can raise a puppy of the same sex as my intact dog.

5.You do not have to have a large home or a big yard to raise a puppy, but your home environment must be safe for the puppy, in good repair, sufficiently dog-proofed, and have an area nearby where the puppy can safely relieve itself.

✔ Yes, my home is ready for a dog, and I understand that I can expect a brief home visit by a representative of Divine Pups before bringing a puppy home.

6.Puppies begin their home experience at 15 weeks and return to us once a match has been made for the puppy, or a second puppy raiser is able to continue with raising the puppy. you must know that the puppy will have a forever home and it may not be yours

 Yes, I agree to return the puppy and I am aware that I am contributing to raising a puppy that may not stay permanently in my home.

7.To raise the best divine pups, our professional online puppy school is the method that we require our puppy raisers to follow. Anyone can learn, regardless of your training experience.


✔ Yes, I am willing to strictly adhere to the Divine Pups partner Baxter & Bella puppy online school training protocols

8.Consistency, repetition, and positive reinforcement of our protocols are the hallmarks of our program.

Every member of the household must agree to adhere to our clear puppy raising guidelines and training techniques. It’s a good idea to involve the whole family or household before deciding that everyone is on board and everyone agrees to share the responsibility and follow the protocols.

 Yes, all members of my household agree to welcome a large-breed dog into our home and to follow the training guidelines.

9.Some neighborhood deed restrictions or apartment rules have limitations for pets living in your home.You will need to ensure that you have permission from your home’s governing body to raise a puppy.

✔ Yes, my home’s governing body (deed restrictions, apartment rules) allow dogs or I have received permission in writing from the governing body to raise a Divine Pup.


“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment..”

Tony Robbins

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