Tethering is an important part of puppy bonding. It is a practice that allows you to connect with your puppy on a deeper level, while also providing them with a sense of security. By tethering your puppy to you, you can provide them with a sense of comfort and assurance that they are safe and secure. Let’s explore the benefits of tethering your puppy.

How to tether your puppy?

First, find the right kind of leash for your pup. For puppies, a lightweight leash is best. This will allow them to move around freely while still being secure.

Next, attach the leash to your pup’s harness. Make sure the leash is not too tight so that the pup can still move around comfortably.

Once the leash is attached, it’s time to attach the other end of the leash to you. This can be done with a belt loop or a clip attached to your clothing. Make sure the leash is secure and that your pup won’t be able to slip out of it.

Now that you and your pup are tethered together, you can start to bond. Spend some time playing with your pup or just bonding together. Letting them explore while they’re securely tethered to you will help them to feel safe and secure.

Why is tethering important?

Tethering your puppy will also help them to develop trust in you. By allowing them to be close to you, they will learn to trust you and feel like they are part of a secure pack. Additionally, tethering your puppy can help them to become more obedient and better behaved. They will learn that it is okay to follow your lead and that it is safe to do so. 

In addition to the emotional benefits, there are also physical benefits to tethering your puppy.  By being able to control the amount of time and space that your puppy has, you can limit their access to areas that may contain potential dangers. This can help to keep your puppy safe and out of harm’s way. 

Tethering your puppy is a great way to bond with your pup and to ensure that they feel safe and secure. It is a practice that will help your puppy to develop trust in you and will also provide them with physical and emotional benefits. With the right amount of guidance and patience, you and your pup can enjoy a strong bond that will last a lifetime.

Do not tether your puppy to you ALL the  time!

Tethering a puppy to you all the time is a very bad idea. Not only can it cause separation anxiety, but it can prevent the puppy from learning how to self soothe. Separation anxiety can cause puppies to become upset and stressed, which can lead to destructive behaviors. Additionally, when the puppy is always connected to you, it can become too dependent and be unable to be left alone without feeling panicked and scared. 

You can  do this  exercise a few times  a day, but also allow  the puppy to  be without you in their own space.

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