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Finally I am able to leave a comment ARA what words explain you? kind, supportive , funny , loving and an EXCEPTIONAL BREEDER! Ara and divine pups are always one call, text away and with 1.5 million questions Ara is so patient and honest her guidance has helped me so much being a new puppy mom and I’m so grateful. god bless you always Ara and Family and thank you as you know for all the love you give the pups and their new families from day 1 xoxo Ashley, Benji & Chanieka! Best breeder ever ~ divine pups~

Ara has been amazing to work with, and we could not have asked for a better experience and “little man”’to add to our family. We ask ourselves how did we get so lucky to win the best dog lottery again? We lost both of our shih tzu’s almost a year apart and they were amazing. Our girl passed at 17, and our little boy at 10 1/2. His passing was sudden and devastating. He was my rock and I never thought my heart could love another one again. Someone recommended Divine Pups who had read my story about our loss on Facebook. I made the call to reach out to Ara and got added to the waiting list. I said if it’s meant to be it will be. She then contacted me a week or 2 later that she had a litter ready to find homes that met what i was looking for. There was one special little boy that stood out to me that my gut was telling me to take a chance on. I didn’t live far, but she offered to deliver him to me which worked out better than i could have expected. My entire family got to be here when “Charlie” came through the door. He is perfect in every way and has the sweetest personality. He was truly sent from heaven! Ara has followed up with us numerous times to make sure everything is going great. I can tell she really cares about about these puppies and takes her role as a breeder seriously. I can not say enough about how happy we are with everything. I will be a repeat customer for life and so happy I found her.  – Marissa K

We got our little Otis (previously Kido) from Divine Pups back in Feb 2021 and Ara made the whole process an easy experience. I appreciate her willingness to answer all my questions, and she was always available after Otis came to live with us for any more questions or concerns. I would not hesitate to get another puppy from her in the future. The very best part about Otis is that he is endlessly patient and friendly with our two children. That was such a huge plus. We have had rescues in the past and adore rescue dogs, but with kids, this time around we are so glad we chose to get a puppy from a reputable breeder. -Jessica R

I can’t thank you enough for all of the love and goodness that you poured into my sweet Henry (Pete) to get him ready for me. On his first night with me, he slept in his crate the entire night with no tears, and he used the potty on his pads without any accidents! He was an angel from the start and I know it’s all thanks to the wonderful socialization and work that you put in. Not only is my Henry a cutie, he is the sweetest, spunkiest, happiest, most affectionate, loving little puppy anyone could ever hope for. My life is exponentially better because he is in it. Thank you for blessing me with my baby!! I love him!! Divine Pups, you will always hold a special place in my heart. – Danitra D

Monique Smith

Divine pups made me so happy when I found my Rolo (my dogs name). I was searching on a site by the namw Next Day pets for specific Houston breeds and every pup I adored was bread my divine pups. I reached out and from that moment forward everything was smooth sailing. I was interested in three dogs 1 yorkie and 2 Shih Tzu, so I set an appointment same day and met with Joseph as he introduced me to all three puppies I was interested in

Camille Nguyễn

We are thrilled with our beautiful baby boy. He has the best personality and he is a head turner. Our vet and groomer constantly compliment
how good looking he is. It is the quality of the puppies that divine pups breed. They are wonderful people, easy to communicate with and they love what they do. Even through their busy schedules they always returned my calls or text messages. I am so glad to have found them.

Cassie LeBlanc

Thank you so much. We love our new pup. She’s an absolute sweetie from her beautiful hazel eyes to her adorable personality. She is the perfect addition to our family and we are thankful you guys worked with us during the pick up process to make it as easy as possible.
Divine Pups

Kyla Salazar

Thank you divine pups for giving us our little bundle of joy! They flew our puppy to Las Vegas for us. We had a great experience with a pet nanny hand delivering our baby to us. We got pictures along the way and were able to know how she was doing at all times

Jaqwon Hedrick Jefferson

Ara was super nice and very informative. She made the process so easy and even sent product recommendations to get us going. Our newest four-legged family member is doing well and it was a MAJOR plus that she came to us already trained to use puppy pads.

Stella Chiori

Ara and her husband are truly amazing people. She was able to find me the exact puppy I wanted, even though he wasn’t listed on the website yet. My dog Blus is the most beautiful and sweetest doggie ever! He has a wonderful temperament and is very easy to train (he came puppy pad trained)! Everything about my service with Divine Pups was 5 stars! I can’t wait to do business with you again soon!

Venus Harcourt Vanzant

Very friendly and knows their stuff !!! They will be there for you for the LIFE of your puppy!!!

Cyndi Phan

Divine Pups helped our family feel the love and joy with a little boy we namedLogan. He stole our hearts and we will undoubtedly spoil him rotten. They are courteous, professional and really do care about making this experience a joyful one. I HIGHLY recommend Divine Pups!!

Elly Pourasef

We got our handsome fur baby Kennedy from Divine Pups and Ara was extremely helpful and available anytime we had a question since this was our first fur baby

Lauren Robenstein

I could not be happier with my Shih Tzu Cooper from Divine Pups. From the moment I made contact with Divine Pups, they were so accommodating, helpful, and understanding. I wouldn’t have wanted to receive my first furry friend from anywhere else! Thank y’all for making this experience so effortless and smooth.

Joe Robinson

Everything went very smoothly , I took little baby to the vet on Monday the vet said she is helped and I have no problem. I could not be happier

Ashley Cochran

They are so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and made the process so seamless! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking! I am so excited to have Bandit in his forever home!! Thank You Divine Pups!

Elsy Hernandez

Thanks a Divine Pups for helpt to my family to get our first pet, our beautiful princess Gigi. We are happy and loved with the new family member.

Joi Williams

Just got my new baby, Mickey (renamed him Mars) today. I am so in love with him. The hardest choice was to have to choose between the two. But this just felt right. This was a great experience & thank you Divine pups for the new addition to my family.

Calista Alvarez

Thanks a Divine Pups for helpt to my family to get our first pet, our beautiful princess Gigi. We are happy and loved with the new family member.
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